Make every moment sacred

Make every moment sacred

Make every moment sacredMake every moment sacred

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Rodney Rodeo

Dual cab ute for hire

Rodney is a true blue work horse. Perfect for moving house with a canopy over the tray to protect your things (tray size is 1.3m long, 1.3m wide and 1m high).  Triple roof racks for carrying extra long items (front rack to back is 2.4m long, 1.3m wide).  A Queen sized bed mattress fits best on the roof. Comes with tie down straps. Rodney loves camping too, and for an extra $25 per day (cash) we can provide you with a beautiful canvas bell tent, camping table and chairs, and even a swag which will fit in the tray for the lone camper. Make sure to contact me first if you want the camping gear. Easy to drive automatic, with an updated stereo, bluetooth and air con. Rodney has been bumped around a bit in life, but is a diamond on the inside.

Kia Moon

8 seater people mover

Kia Moon can take you and your family or you and 7 mates on a Grand Carnival anywhere you wish, in comfort and safety. Kia Moon has airbags everywhere, cruise control, dual climate control, reversing sensors, 8 seats, folding centre console, bluetooth stereo with speaker way up back and dual sliding doors for ease of entry. The seating arrangement is very flexible, 2 up front, 3 in the middle and 3 in the back. All middle row seats can be removed, and the rear row of seats completely folded down to create a huge booty (I mean boot). Kia Moon is usually fitted out with 3 child restraints. Please text me your seating requirements so that I may take them out or set the seating up as required within good time. Kia Moon is powered by an efficient and powerful Turbo Diesel motor, making for a reliable, powerful and quick when you need it, driving experience. This Kia Grand Carnival is the semi executive model for those who want to feel a little bit special.